Operation and maintenance rules for pipe threading lathes

2020-06-11 14:40


1 scope

This standard specifies the operation and maintenance procedures for vertical lathe.

This standard is applicable to vertical lathe operation and maintenance procedures.

2 normative reference documents

The terms contained in the following documents become the terms of this international standard by reference. All subsequent amendents (excluding corrigendum) or revisions to dated citations do not apply to this standard; however, parties agreed to this standard are encouraged to study the availability of the latest version of these documents. The latest version of any undated reference document is applicable to this standard.

3 Operating Rules

3.1 The operator must be familiar with the general performance, structure and rotation system of the lathe, and it is strictly prohibited to use the equipment with super performance.

3.2 Before work:

3.2.1 Check whether the operating handle, switch and knob are in the correct position, whether the operation is flexible, whether the limit and safety device are complete and reliable.

3.2.2 Switch on the power supply and operate at low speed. If there is any abnormal response, stop the machine for inspection or report to the repair personnel.

3.2.3 Check whether the liquid level indicating height in the oil standard is appropriate, whether the oil route is smooth, and add enough lubricating oil at the specified position.

3.2.4 Operate at low speed and empty for 3-5 minutes. Ensure that the lubrication, electrical system and all parts operate normally before starting to work.

3.3 Work:

3.3.1 Use of super performance is strictly prohibited.

3.3.2 Do not place articles on the guide surface and beam surface of the machine tool.

3.3.3 It is strictly prohibited to knock, straighten and trim the workpiece on the working table.

3.3.4 Clamping workpiece and tool must be firm and reliable.

3.3.5 Properly use the tool holder rotation device and clamping mechanism.

3.3.6 Select reasonable speed and cutting parameters.

3.3.7 When the machine is running, the operator is strictly prohibited to leave the post.

3.3.8 If any abnormal phenomenon occurs in the operation, the machine should be stopped immediately to find out the cause and deal with it in time.

3.4 After work:

3.4.1 All control handles, switches and knobs must be placed at the stop position and the power must be cut off.

3.4.2 Routine maintenance.

3.4.3 Fill in the operation record of fixed equipment.

4 Maintenance procedures

4.1 Adjust the lubrication according to the touring inspection parts and the lubrication chart to ensure the lubrication times within the shift.

4.2 Check oil label page and oil supply of oil pump.

4.3 Do a good job in cleaning oil holes and lubricating parts and cover them with dustproof shields.

4.4 In operation, according to the replacement of different processing materials, do a good job in chip cleaning, oil lubrication.

4.4 Before coming off work, wipe the bed surface, spindle box, knife box and all parts of the dust, iron filings, and apply good anti-rust oil.