Domestic heavy machine tool industry problems need to be paid attention to

2020-06-11 14:45


After ten years of development, the heavy machine tool industry in China has made great progress. The advantages of heavy machine tools can be seen in both production capacity and product technology. But from the overall situation of the domestic heavy machine tool industry, and the international advanced technology gap is more obvious. Domestic high - grade heavy - duty machine products market competitiveness is limited, it is difficult to compete with the international market products.

Domestic heavy machine tools and international heavy machine tools, the most obvious gap in the following aspects.

1. Weak independent innovation ability and key core technologies restrict the development level of the industry. China's heavy machine tool industry can basically meet the domestic market demand for all kinds of high-grade heavy and super heavy machine tools. There are no enterprises with international market competitiveness, which is related to the long-term lack of independent innovation in China's heavy machine tool industry and the lack of basic generic technology and key core technology.

2. There is still a big gap between the reliability, stability and manufacturing technology level of the machine tool and the world's advanced level. The average fault-free working time of domestic high-grade heavy-duty machine tools is no more than 300h, while most imported high-grade products are above 2000h, with high accuracy and stability.

3, lack of original innovation and high-quality technical personnel, skilled workers. China's heavy machine tool enterprises still have the problem of "heavy hard, light soft", that is, "heavy technical transformation, light technology, heavy design, light foundation, heavy immediate, light long-term". The industry is still short of original innovation and high-quality technical personnel, industrial technical workers, lack of the pursuit of perfect manufacturing quality enterprise culture.

4. Unbalanced production capacity structure and prominent contradiction between supply and demand. Heavy machine tool market fast development, makes the original manufacturer of heavy duty machine tools or other investors piled into the field, the output of products covers basic heavy machine tool products of all kinds and varieties, but for the most part as a universal and low-end products, and the required in the field of national key users of high-grade CNC heavy duty machine tools and services, especially for high-end segments of professional products supply capacity is insufficient, and had to rely on imports.

Machine tool stability is not high, the overall machine tool manufacturing technology level and quality is deficient, the core operating components of the technical level to be improved, and the overall solution capacity is insufficient. A series of reasons exist, leading to the heavy machine tool in the domestic competition has been more passive.